Cyberpunk: Arasaka's Plot

16 Nov 2007 14:27 #1220 by Cole Cash
Cole Cash created the topic: Cyberpunk: Arasaka's Plot
Ancora Master, ancora un'altra piccola chicca...
date un occhio pleazeeeeeeee  8)

Un giorno senza rischio è non vissuto

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16 Nov 2007 22:38 #1226 by Master
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L'introduzione dice questo:
"Cyberpunk is one of the most acclaimed role-playing games in the last years. Now you can enjoy the game for mobile phones. The videogame offers exceptional aesthetics and futuristic settings.

Technically speaking, Cyberpunk Arasaka´s Plot is said to be one of the best games developed for the mobile phones: impressive graphics, fluid animations, detailed settings... and of course, a solid plot."

Bhe, se qualcuno lo dovesse provare scriva pure qui le sue impressioni...

Master of Puppets

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